Every small business owner will most likely agree on one thing: Your contacts are your lifeblood. Your clients, vendors, networking connections, and just about everyone you meet is a potential source of direct or referral business. On the other hand, every lost piece of contact information is a lost opportunity. Let Virtual Done Wright keep control of your contacts by making your contact management manageable.

If you’ve ever exhibited at a trade show or attended networking groups you’ve most likely amassed stacks and stacks of business cards. You probably have every intention of getting the information from those cards into a master database so you can get make use of the contacts you’ve made. Unfortunately you don’t have the luxury of being able to take the time to do it. As the stack of cards gets bigger and bigger, the odds of you building that database get smaller and smaller.

Let Virtual Done Wright dig you out from under your pile of business cards and sticky notes so you can start utilizing your contacts the way you should. We will:

  • Create a master database from all of your collected business cards and contact notes
  • Export contacts from your proprietary software so you can use them for all your communications
  • Create sub-databases for clients, vendors, prospects, and more
  • Set-up and import your contacts to customer management software
  • Set-up contact schedules to keep your name in front of your contacts
  • Keep your database current